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Simply Delicious with Unilever

There are recipe portals for specific topics. There are recipe portals hosted by certain brands. And then there is "Simply Delicious". In this case the name is also a promise: Delicious recipes that are easy to prepare.

When developing online platforms and apps, the focus is on providing users who are overwhelmed by the offerings of competitors with an alternative that is as easy to use as possible and that is reduced to the essentials.

Inspiration, wherever the user might need it

In their search for recipes users visit a wide variety of channels and platforms, looking for inspiration. The digital ecosystem of Simply Delicious ensures that the content is available at relevant touchpoints regardless of their location.

A user account ensures access to favorite recipes and shopping lists from all devices.


Committed to what’s essential

The reduction and the simple, user-friendly handling are reflected in the design and navigation concept of the web and app platform. Brands and products take a back seat at Simply Delicious, but they are naturally included in the ingredient lists of the recipes.

Relevant information

Simply Delicious sends out new recipe ideas every week. Data on the season, the weather and culinary trends as well as the nutritional expertise of the editorial team ensure that every user receives the most relevant information possible.