Just cancel!
The otelo app.

Have you ever tried to cancel your cell phone contract online? … Right! A jumble of options, functions and contract conditions makes it impossible to manage your own tariff or even to cancel it. The new otelo app makes everything easier.

Less is more.
The most important things on just two screens: Customers can first view their status and then change their tariff options with an additional swipe. And invoices can be found where you would expect to find them: in the inbox.

Breaking up was never so easy.
Cancel at the push of a button - this simple feature does not result in more cancellations, it leads to more trust. Many customers rightly suspect that with other telephone companies they will look for this button in vain. This adds to the brand’s honest, transparent and fair image.

Retain and entertain users.
Cell phone users can never have enough data volume. Reason enough for us to raffle additional MBs via small in-app competitions. This encourages users to log into the otelo app regularly. And if you are already here all the time, you can embellish your profile with a personal avatar.

“Simply a successful mobile platform for customer loyalty with honest communication.”
Jury comment, Max Award 2017