From Hardware to Smartware
OSRAM IoT Plattform

What are the key criteria of target groups and OEMs when selecting suitable IoT platforms for the development of integrated lighting, control and sensor systems?

They include a variety of aspects such as modularity, development efficiency, open standards, APIs and reliable support. OSRAM's new IoT platform offers all of this. But OSRAM goes one step further than this: the platform is established not only as a solution but also as a brand.

Strategie der LIGHTELLIGENCE Plattform von OSRAMStrategie der LIGHTELLIGENCE Plattform von OSRAM

A digital product with a holistic approach

Under the branding "LIGHTELLIGENCE" developed by deepblue, OSRAM offers not only pure functionality but a complete out-of-the-box user experience.

The foundation for this is the module construction kit developed by deepblue for the target group of application developers.

Even B2B needs a good user experience

The interface design places great emphasis on a positive user experience - manifested in the goal to develop a B2B platform that can compete with current consumer-oriented applications. While the UI is characterized by simplicity and clarity, micro animations and transitions provide a contemporary user experience. 

Developers are not always good designers

That's why a comprehensive component library consisting of a large number of templates and modules for data visualization ensures that IoT applications based on LIGHTELLIGENCE not only work, but also look good. 

This approach results in products with a high level of visual and functional consistency that not only provide the end user with a plain tool, but also stand out from the competition with excellent usability and a superb user experience.

"From Hardware to Smartware: LIGHTELLIGENCE® is a core component of OSRAM's digitization strategy". 

Exploit the potential of IoT

The LIGHTELLIGENCE® platform is continuously enhanced in an agile development process along a product roadmap to open up new possibilities for IoT development, optimize business processes and continuously ensure a superior user experience.