Not so fast
Won your driving license in the lottery?

According to a study conducted by the ADAC in 2016, one in two German drivers would not pass the driving test again. Nevertheless, hardly anyone would be willing to take a refresher course in order to become fit again. How can the situation be improved?

Won your driving license in the lottery?

This is where Gernod Hassknecht, a professional hothead known from the satirical news show "Heute Show", comes into play. With him as a driving examiner, the target group can once again slip into the role of the nervous candidate –  in an entertaining way.


The toughest driving test in the world.

The candidates are shown various road traffic situations that are familiar from driving tests. Meanwhile, Gernot Hassknecht treats them  to the kind of rants he’s loved for.  And no matter if nerd or dope: the video with the individual test result can of course be shared via social media.
The website "Not so fast" is a convincing example of how bulky content can be made into an actively sought-after topic in the target group.

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