Mom's darling:

The new Ernsting’s family app.

Between diapers that need to be changed, siblings who won’t stop quarreling and meals that need to be cooked, one thing seems clear: mothers never really have enough time. 

That's why the Ernsting's family app gives them exactly what they need: a quick and easy shopping experience.

Working Mum Studie 2017

rheingold institutim Autftrag von Procter & Gamble:

Time to relax.

Every free moment in a mother's life is precious. And we don't want to waste this time. That's why the latest theme worlds of Ernsting's family can be seen directly on the homepage. Simply swipe and explore!

Finally an alarm to look forward to.

In the stressful everyday life of a family, important dates can easily be missed. Not so with the Ernsting's family app called Soon to come: As the name says, it shows collections that will be available shortly. And the reminder function helps you not to miss any of them.

Search fast, find even faster

Has anybody seen the pacifier? Constantly having to search for things is annoying and costs parents valuable time. With the app, at least the long search for products has come to an end. Thanks to the search field and well-sorted categories, the motto is now: search fast, find even faster! 

Don’t waste time waiting.

Waiting for a parcel to be delivered can also cost valuable time. This is why with the Ernsting’s family app users can always see where their order is and when the parcel will arrive. That’s what we call joyful anticipation. 


Ernsting's family App.

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