Know what is happening between A and B.

Bosch Transport Data Logger.

Today, goods of all kinds are being sent around the world. Even sensitive goods such as works of art, large machines or food are loaded from the truck onto the ship and back onto the truck again. If damage occurs along the way, it is almost impossible to trace when and how it happened. This is where the Bosch Data Logger comes in: it monitors the entire transport. The corresponding app shows where requirements haven’t been met.

Complex technology, made simple.

Granted: The Bosch Transport Data Logger is quite complex. But the app is very simple: the sender connects his smartphone to the device via Bluetooth and then activates it with the push of a button. You can't go wrong with that!

The strength: Detecting weaknesses.

A work of art may only tolerate a certain degree of humidity, a machine may not be allowed to tip over - every product has its own special transport requirements. In the app, the sender simply defines the individual thresholds regarding temperature, humidity, inclination and shocks.

What our client says

“Great tool to record and visualize what happens to our shipment. It is easy to set up thresholds and get to know about any violations quickly.”

All's well that ends well?

When the cargo has reached its destination, the Transport Data Logger is reconnected. The recipient will immediately see from the overview if there were any problems. The comprehensive data collected by the Transport Data Logger is displayed in easy-to-understand charts. Threshold violations are highlighted. The reports can be forwarded by e-mail to inform all parties involved.