The secret
of Bitburger Siegelhopfen

Quality, regionality, sustainability: today's beer connoisseurs want to know exactly what's in their favorite drink. Bitburger does not make a secret of it. The private brewery provides honest insights into where its ingredients come from and what role they play in the unique taste of its beers. A campaign focuses on hop farmer Andreas Dick from Holsthum near Bitburg and his legendary Bitburger Siegelhopfen.

There is a lot to discover.

Our video about the high quality of Bitburger Siegelhopfen is used wherever we meet beer lovers who are thirsty for knowledge. On the Bitburger website and in social networks, at trade fairs and events as well as in the Bitburger brand experience world. Advertisements, banners and advertorials round off the "awareness campaign".

Bitburger Siegelhopfen Kampagne von Deepblue NetworksBitburger Siegelhopfen Kampagne von Deepblue Networks

Only the best of everything.

When it comes to quality, Bitburger doesn’t compromise. And so the Siegelhopfen campaign is only the prelude to providing pilsner drinkers with the information they are looking for in the long term. From the careful selection of raw materials to the careful brewing process. To be continued ...