7. November 2019

Listen. See. Feel: An employer brand for the senses

Hooked makes the corporate culture of deepblue networks audible and visible with a Spotify playlist created by the staff and with an interactive website

Hooked launches the digital recruiting campaign "This is how deepblue sounds" for deepblue networks. On the interactive website with integrated Spotify playlist the ADC-awarded employer brand "The Creative House" is staged musically and visually.

Aiming to secure the best talent, the digital agency deepblue networks has been using unconventional means for many years. Today, deepblue launches the first recruiting campaign that enables interested parties to acoustically experience the culture of a company. On the new website "This is how deepblue sounds" the employees of the digital agency are presented as colorful characters and can also be experienced musically as their favorite songs have been integrated. All characters together create a colorful musical tile pattern that reflects the unique corporate culture of deepblue.

Christian Thron, Creative Managing Director at deepblue, explains: "Nothing speaks as strongly to our human emotions as music. From hard rock to classical music, techno to hiphop, our employees' playlists contain everything. And the agency itself is just as colorful as this cross-genre musical mix. Our creations are special because at deepblue all our colleagues live their unique personalities and are expected to bring their creative ideas to the table.“

The goal of the new campaign is to address talents and young professionals at a touchpoint that accommodates the changed user behavior of the target group. The current VuMA Study 2019 confirms the great opportunity for talent recruiting on Spotify: According to the study, 37% of Spotify users are between 20 and 29 years old. 90% of the users in this age group use the streaming app several times a week. Spotify therefore offers optimum conditions for addressing young professionals, with little wastage and at the same time good access to the target group. Tanja Schmidt, Head of Human Resources at deepblue, adds: "With our campaign we offer interested parties deep insights into our agency life. We also create a young, target-group-oriented experience that is fun and fills our employer brand with even more life".

The campaign was implemented by our own subsidiary Hooked. The founders of the new employer branding unit are convinced that companies must adopt new, digital recruiting methods in order to continue to inspire talent. In their opinion, companies ideally communicate via emotional stories and exciting experiences.

Click here for the musical website.

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