29. November 2019

HR Excellence Awards 2019: Trophy for Alexa Skill

At the HR Excellence Awards 2019 deepblue networks’ Alexa skill for job applicants was awarded Germany's most coveted HR trophy. The voice application for recruiting was chosen by the jury as the best case of the year in the category SME Candidate Experience.

deepblue networks developed the first AlexaSkill which enables candidates to apply for a job via Smart Speaker. This greatly simplifies the application process for both candidates and the human resources department. The case has attracted a lot of media attention. In addition to the Handelsblatt, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, W&V and numerous online media and HR bloggers reported on the skill.

Last Friday, the award was – as per tradition – decided in a pitch. During their performance, the presenters Tanja Schmidt and Patrick Dörr had a small moment of shock when they were unable to call up an Alexa Skill that had been specially developed for the pitch. But then they improvised confidently and despite technical failures, obviously with success. In the evening the winner was announced at the award gala which took place in the tepee at the Kanzleramt, and it was: deepblue networks! In this year's award season, the skill was also voted onto the shortlists of the PR Report Award and the Personnel Management Award.

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