5. June 2020

DMK Group and deepblue networks receive “Golden Victoria” award

Germany's largest dairy cooperative is engaged in a massive restructuring process ("Vision 2030") to adapt to the changing consumer demands. As part of the rollout of this new vision, DMK is also consciously using the voice of the workforce – after all, everyone is a multiplier today. In an accompanying film the company relied on "real" people instead of actors, be they employees, customers or other stakeholders. This film, realized by deepblue networks, has now been awarded a "Golden Victoria" at the 29th International Business Film Festival in Vienna.

The DMK contribution "Hallo 2030" was able to assert itself in the category "event films". Besides the DMK film, contributions from Joma Kunststofftechnik, Sonova AG and Audi Communications, among others, were nominated. For its decision, the jury also considered the roadshow, which was part of the film's rollout at  more than 20 DMK locations with a "watchbox", and the strategic communications considerations .

"Above all, we rely on a coordinated information policy. We used various internal channels to tease out Vision 2030, involving and preparing the executives. But the rollout is also about getting the general workforce excited about the topic. The dairy industry cannot close its eyes to the fundamental change in society," explains Oliver Bartelt, head of communications at DMK Group. "Communication as a driver of our reorientation has virtually moved from pit lane to pole position. Our regular employee survey provides very impressive proof of this. I am delighted about the jury’s decision and I am proud that my communications team and our partners at deepblue networks and Brickbeach as a film production company have been rewarded with this great award.

"We are very happy about the gold award. The jury honored a film project into which we, together with the DMK Group, invested an enormous amount of heart and soul. We are thrilled about the successful cooperation with DMK and proud to be able to accompany the transformation of the dairy cooperative on a communications level", comments Oliver Drost, Chief Creative Officer at deepblue networks.

International Business Film Days: The Oldest festival for business films in the German-speaking world

This year's International Business Film Days saw almost 350 submissions in 26 categories, coming from Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, South Tyrol and Luxembourg. 28 films were awarded gold, including the DMK contribution. Other winners and silver award winners in other categories included Sonova, Audi, Duracell, Drägerwerk, Fraunhofer, VW, Lamborghini, ZDF and Daimler. The International Business Film Days are the oldest festival for business films in the German-speaking world.

(Source: DMK  Corporate Communications)

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