deepblue Networks AG

We believe in ideas
that inspire and technology
that impresses.
We focus on the brand, combine creativity and innovation
and trigger off the brand's power via all channels.

We believe in ideas that inspire, invite you to participate and make the brands a personality.


We love what we do and we do it with love – for detail, the product, the brand and technology.


We lead brands into the future of communication by combining creativity with impressive technology.

Thinking again was yesterday.
Thinking ahead is today.

The boundaries between traditional and digital media are blurring more and more. There are interactive posters, tweeting house plants und mobile apps that help us in our daily life. The digital progress provides a large scope for communication, but also requires great in-depth knowledge. As an agency, we not only make use of the brand's familiar touch points, but enthusiastically detect new ones, in order to frequently utilize them in unexpected ways.

Strategic Planning

We live in a world in which literally everything exists – including several copies. In order to prevent brands from being drowned out by the information and product flood, we need answers and a good strategy: Who is the target group? What is it dreaming of? Where is it located? What are its problems? What can we do better than the competition? Our aim is to turn infrequent buyers into real fans.

We develop, position and lead brands with many years of experience. This also applies for the area of sports marketing, for which we can rely on our own experts. They develop strategies for sports brands and open the doors to stadiums and coliseums for brands who are new to the world of sports.

Integrated Communication

How should we remember the face of someone who appears only sporadically and always wears a different outfit? In order to make brands and products attractive to customers, they have to provide a consistent picture on all communication channels, speak an understandable language and say the right thing at the right time. Therefore, we rely on clear strategies and cross-channel guiding principles.

Our service range comprises nearly all communication channels, from print, TV and dialogue marketing via corporate and package design through to websites, social media and mobile entertainment – always with the aspiration to offer solutions with a measurable impact.


Platforms are the vehicles for spreading messages, bringing ideas to life, selling products oder interacting with users. What we see of them, has to thrill us, make us curious and it has to be understood immediately. The background technology is best when the user does not notice it.

Our services include corporate websites, e-commerce platforms, content management systems (cms), mobile pages and apps, social media pages and apps.

Product factory

You have a great business idea, but you are not able to finance its implementation? Then convince us: we are always interested in promoting and helping shape new brands, products or services – no matter if it is a start-up or a spin-off. The only thing important to us is that your idea is innovative and not imitative.

Send us your business plan or a convincing presentation to

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